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Wednesday, September 21, 2011


                Whats happening beautiful people?  Its cloudy and dark here in Los Angeles but I'm home and most importantly, I'm alive! I'm tired from the trip and I walked into the mouth of the tiger. Today I have a million things plus the One Man Show tonight. Tomorrow I got a full slate, then Friday I go to Denver, its on!
              Last Thursday I left to go to Buffalo to do a show on Saturday, then Sunday I went home to North Bergen to shoot the documentary that WE put together as a family. It went great. For starters, its always great to go home. For years I've been telling people that when things get hectic in your life and your left there looking for answers the best thing to do is to go home to your family. The love and the confusion you get when you go home will put prespective into your life and help you answer the questions you have and help you get to the next chapter of your life. There is something about going home, the smells, the sounds, something that brings you back and shows you what your really about.
            When this project came to mind I had a vision of the shots and the locations I was going to use. When I got there it became about the people in my life. On the plane ride home I was thinking about how we didn't get alot of location shots but we got what I was made of and that was the purpose of the documentary. I didn't shoot Michael's Jewelers but I went looking for renmants of the hookers wig at the cemetary. At first it was going to be about all the bad and stupid things I had done but when I got there I saw the beauty of the area where I had grown up which I really hadn't seen in years. North Bergen is the second hilliest city in the nation behind San Francisco it was hard as a kid, but those hills made me who I am today because you would look at those monsters, take a breath and walk, those hils made me tough and in a way prepared me for life because we're always downhill looking up.
      But the beauty of it wasn't the hills it was the people who encouraged me to go up those hills who I showed.  I've got my 7th grade teacher Barone, I got the guy who's been selling me flowers for my moms grave for years. I got my main man Lubes. I got Hashway's, the deli I grew up in. I left mad because Gary had no roast beef, thats like McDonalds not having burgers. I got Vanieri the undertaker, but the money shot was sitting down talking to Carmine Balzano, he cried, I cried, it was amazing.
       When I got on the plane home I thought ny head was going to explode from the interviews. I can't believe these people are still in my life. For me thats bigger than anything. After all the dumb things I did I can't believe there always be there for me. I feel like a wealthy man, its hard to explain.
     But one of the most important things I realized was how lucky I was to have you guys now and the belief you put in me by donating and sending me love, that meant a lot. I may not be Kat Williams or the funniest guy out there but having them back in North Bergen and you here lets me know that my life is for real. Things happened and so what you move ahead but as long as your intentions are good things will work out.
  Doing this also gave me a sense of closure. Going to 148th Street, where my step Dad shot Nico, standing in front of my mom's bar and looking at the concrete that I would walk around on 40 years ago, standing in front of the house where I found my mom dead, the house I grew up in, I could feel the energy coming out of the bricks, it wasn't good but while I was interviewing a neighbor a stray cat just walked up and sat in front of my old garage, a sign from somebody.
  What I'm trying to say is that it was an amazing experience and you guys made it happen. We won't start working on it till next week, and we predict an early Decenber release with viewing parties in L.A. and North Bergen New Jersey. I'll keep everyone posted especially the investors. Thank you for reading and for being a part of my dream. I still don't know what it is but I'm putting that together. Thank you again and Have a Great week......Stay Black!

P.S. MadflavorsWorld has 2 episodes left, then we wait for next season!!!


  1. So awesome CoCo! Missed ya and can't wait for Madflavors world son! :)

  2. Denver is eagerly awaiting your arrival CoCo!!!!

  3. Love ya Joey! Thanks for sharing and letting us know never forget we came from. One of my goals this year is to come see you live! Gotta support the good ones :)


  4. Well said my friend...

    .... very introspective

    ~ Kellett

  5. Just wanted to say that I've been going back and reading some of your posts - I love the podcast - never seen you perform live. You tell some crazy stories and you've obviously been through a lot of shit which is why I am so AMAZED at the positive attitude that you carry. You seem to find a silver lining in every cloud and even the thoughest times have something positive to learn from (even if it's only in retrospect)- at least that's what I take away from the stories I hear you tell.