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Sunday, July 22, 2012


                     Whats happening you fucking Savages? I'm back bitches!! I try to keep you guys posted but sometimes life becomes an adventure. My wife Terrie is pregnant, I'm on the road, I'm trying to write a book, jokes and keep focused for podcasts and stand up, you only have that much time but fuck it, I'm here. Last week I lost my voice when I got back from the Bay area, I'd like to thank everyone that came out in San Francisco to Cobbs and to The Punchline in Sacramento, you guys were really great.

                    In 1998 I was read about the show, The Vagina Monolouges, I couldn't believe how great of an idea it was. Later that night, in between coke bumps and cocktails, I thought about a show where guys could go up and talk about an experience or situation that helped them become a man. For weeks I thought of a title and a concept and I came up with Testicle Testaments. I'd go up first tell a story then 3 or 4 other guys would go up. I did the first show in The Belly Room at The Comedy Store.
                   After a few months I got great comedians to go up, guys like Raphie May, Jay Mohr, Josh Wolf and Andrew Dice Clay, it was amazing. Here were men telling their most intimate secrets on stage, some were funny and some where sad but you learned things and it made the comics go out of their usual realm, something thats weird but very entertaining. It was a great concept and idea but in those days there wasn't Myspace or Facebook so it was tough to get the word out there so after a few months I had to shut the idea down but I always kept it in the back of my mind and now 14 years later, its back!!!

             For about 3 years now, I've been trying to put together a One Man show that would incorporate every aspect of my life, the drugs, the death, the comedy, the crimes and the crazy stories. If I did it in  order the audience would be there for days, literally. So when I started doing my show at The Icehouse Stage 2, I broke it down into the sections I described and they were still too long. I thought about the concept and it came back to the original Testaments which was to tell the story, explain my state of mind at the time and to breakdown to the audience what I really got out of it and how it affected me in the future.
              All in all, I have about 6 of them ready to go. This last Tuesday, I released the 1st one I recorded, it was the story of my kidnapping the drug dealer. Its called, "The Best and Worst Day of My Life" and its available on iTunes. I'll be releasing one of these every other month. This Wednesday I'm recording the story about my Daughter A-Z and how I turned the pain into Comedy. If your not doing anything, come on by, if not I'll catch you next time.
           Besides that, I've got nothing for you but love. I appreciate all the love you guys give me. I've got a few dates coming up in Nashville, Michigan and Milwaukee as part of The Bleu Cheese Tour. I'll let you know more about them as it gets closer. The downloads on iTunes are only 1.99$, its cheap but you guys deserve it. Thank you again for all the love and remember......Stay Black because in the end of the day, thats the most important thing!!!!

July 25 IceHouse Stage 2...Testicle Testaments 626 577 1894
Aug 15th Zanie's NashVille
Here is the link for Testicle Testaments