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Tuesday, September 6, 2011


             Whats happening beautiful people? I hope everone had a great weekend and now your ready to go back to work in more ways than one. I am!  This is the last quarter so if your going to make it happen, its in the next 10 weeks because if you don't, its 2012 and there the fuck you are!                
              You know me, I'm always trying to figure out ways to let you peek into my soul. My good friend Lisa recommended that instead of playing a music video, to write and describe how that song or album motivated or inspired me. I thought about it and bam, here we are......I hope you enjoy it!
              It was September of 79'. I was walking back from a High School football game at Hudson County Park. The previous day, I had been released from the Hospital after13 days. I had aquired a lung infection from smoking reefer sprayed with Paraquat. The basically threw me out because of the torture I was inflicting on them not only that but the internal bleeding had stopped and it was time to go home.
            On that particular afternoon, I was looking to buy a new Sabbath album to add to my collection. I had already purchased, Black Sabbath, Black Sabbath, and Paraniod and now I was looking to buy Master Of Reality, that was the order in which they were released and that's how I was rolling.. The place was on 78th and Bergenline and it always had what I was looking for, on that particular day, they didn't. I looked at other albums but it was in between Sabbath's greatest hits, We Sold our Souls for Rock and Roll or Sabotage. I had never heard of any of the songs on the album but the cover was cool so what the hell.
          I got home and did my ritual. I would roll a number, and smoke it in the attic,  then put on the album and read the cover and the sleeve and just get into what the fuck it was that they were selling. I loved both albums that I had heard before but this one was a little deep. I listened to both sides and it was just too dark for me. I put the album away and never mentioned it. I was embarressed. I figured I was too young, I was 15 at the time and I figured I'd get into it later.
        About 2 months later my mom passed away and my life was turned upside down. I was fine, I was taken care of but in reality, I was alone. I was living with a great family but I was in a tailspin! I was confused and I was scared. At the time of my moms death, I had fucked around with drugs, a little reefer, THC Crystal, some acid and some coke. At the time acid was my favorite. I enjoyed the high but what I really enjoyed was that when ever I did it at the end of the night I would get to go home put on earphones and listen to the music and just fucking trip.
      One night I was sitting there looking for something to put on and there it was Sabotage! I put on the first side and it was magic! I tripped to some freaky shit but these guys knew what I was going through at the time. The first song on the album is, "Hole in the Sky"! Its a hard jam up front and the lyrics were me, I'm living in a room without any view, I'm living free because the rents never do. I didn't pay any rent and neither did Ozzy....Fuck it! It started the trip in the right direction then it goes on to a instrumental called,"Don't Stop", a Spanish guitar type 45 second jam that intros you into "Sympton of The Universe"! Bang! Oh my God! The guitar is hard and off the chain, the bass and the drums are banging and Ozzy is yelling out, Take my hand my child of love come step inside my tears swim the magic ocean I've been crying all these years! By this time the heat from the acid along with the bass are banging in your head and their you are sitting there looking around thinking about your life and these things and places that are going through your head at records speeds not to forget the light in the hallway that changes shapes as your brought back to another latin type verse after an explosion of drums and what not and Ozzy goes into a slow verse that you can't believe is even Ozzy! Woman child of love creation, come and step inside my dream, in your eyes I see no sadness, you are all that loving means, fucking amazing. At the time, I was feeling real alone in my life. I didn't have a girl then the trip would turn in a direction that was happy, I would meet a woman, fall in love and everything would be all right I would finally have someone but before I could feel the warmth of the acid in my heart, the last song on that side comes on, its called, "Megolmania". This was the power of Ozzy and his music if you really listened, They weren't a feel good band, there music was solid but the lyrics were out of this world especially if you were tripping. That song opens up very creepy, then Ozzy comes in slow. I found myself inside the shadows of your dreams,then in a different verse he drops, my body echos through the dreams of my soul, is that is something that I could not control. By this point your on your knees looking like Denzel in Man on Fire when he's going through his drunk psychosis. I'm litterally unconsious and in a different world. All I could hear was the lyrics and how they pertained to me in my head in my trip and between you and I it did hit me,  I was angry and I just wanted to kill my step dad but the acid let me know it was going to be all right for now and for now I didn't have to strike at him or anyone one else but by that time Ozzy is yelling and screaming the second verse of the song which really hits your acid like a fucking train, here they are! Well I feel something taking me I don't know where its like a trip inside a separate mind, the ghost of tomorrow from my favorite dream is telling me to leave it all behind!!! This song is basically about getting someone or something out of your life. How could this poisen be the dream of my soul? Your sitting there feeling bad about the acid now or but you realize, he's talking about a woman because he says no more lies, I'll get by, I just have to get away from you now, now I'm free can't you see, that now instead I won't get laid by you now. He's telling the bitch she ain't fucking him no more not since Bruce Lee in The Chinese Connection has someone made that type of statement, I'm allowing you to leave, thats the same style of balls! The song ends and whatever was bothering you is now gone or the acid helped figure out your next move.
        To me pound for pound that side is one of the greatest sides in album history, up there with Zep 2 and the one side of Pink Floyds Animals. If you listen to it, you might not like Sabbath or the album Sabotage for that matter but believe it or not, the album was there for me at a time when I was young stupid and ready for anything..I wanted answers to why God would take a 15 year olds Mother. I didn't believe in God or in anything, I was very scary but this music gave me the truth or at least thats what it felt like. This album will always be special to me as many other albums, but this one helped my mind digest and understand tripping, but most important myself by pushing my mind into dark corners.
       I never understood people who wrote books on this matter and the people who would read  that shit! Black Sabbath and Pink Floyd brought tripping to the next level through their music, along with many other artist, these guys were true geniuses! Fuck those fake fucking authors and their theories, these guys felt it and released through there music but the funny thing is, you felt it! Try out Sabotage!
      Thank you again for reading and thank you again for the support and the donations for the documentary!The link is on this page. Hope to see you guys at The IceHouse Stage 2 for my One Man show on Wednesdays in September @ 8:30 PM Sharp! This Wednesday is free!
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