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Tuesday, May 8, 2012


                           What the fuck is up? I hope all is going well with you savages. I've been a little busy and its been a little hectic. The Atlanta and the New York City shows were tremendous, thank you again if you came out. I always try to apologize for neglecting the blog of life but sometimes I need to be inspired and what I'm going to tell you really did.
Sometimes we speak when we should keep our mouths shut, thats one of the things that have hurt my career and my life. Sometimes I speak without having a full knowledge or a full understanding of a particular subject, and days after saying it, I get enlighted by mistake, that shit always happens to me.
About a year and a half ago, I was on an episode of the JRE expirience and I said that if I was in a tough situation how many of my friends from Facebook would show up with a gun? I really felt that. For days I got messages from people saying that they were disapponted by my statements, they also told me that they had been fans(A FUCKING WORD I HATE), and that they couldn't believe I felt that way. I was blown away.
                          For years I thought that people that were on computers were Vampires. I felt they had no social life and at any time these were the same people that built bombs and blew up shit. I fucked around on it but I was really scared. I once went to the Underground MMA forum that Joe speaks about and I was petrified. Then I got an idea. I thought if these people were crazy, what the fuck, I'm crazy too. Maybe I'll start posting what really goes on in my head when I'm walking around, my inner text as they call it, thats what I started to do.......The next thing I knew, I had people sending me messages and I knew I had found some friends.
                        Next came our podcast, Beauty and Da Beast, with Felicia Michaels. We sat and spoke for weeks about our podcast and how we wanted to get our life and our mistakes out there and again you motherfuckers responded. I undressed my soul on there and you motherfuckers laughed and cried and at times I couldn't believe I was saying this shit to a bunch of strangers but then it got personal and deeper. We got the podcast to levels we had never dreamed of.
                          Then I got an idea to shoot videos with a bloggie Gabriel Iglesias had givin me about my daily grind. It was called "MadflavorsWorld". No celebrities, no guitars, just my cats, my weed store and some of the dumb shit I do in the day time by myself. I started getting emails that people wanted more,  the places where I grew up and places I robbed so I got an idea one night while I was sitting there watching "Law And Order". I called my main man and Director Lee Syatt and I asked him what did he think if I went online on Twitter and Facebook and got donations for a special MadflavorsWorld documentary about North Bergen, New Jersey the place where I grew up? There was silence then he told me to try it, what did we have to lose? Within days we recieved three thousand dollars in two dollars, five dollar and ten dollar donations, I was really blown away. We got plane tickets, hotel rooms and rented a car and a camera and we went back to Jersey and shot what we could in the time we had. I remember sitting on the plane of the ride back home thinking about the words I had said on that podcast......Boy was I wrong, I did have people online who cared. I remember sitting there feeling like an asshole but knowing what Lee and myself had just shot would make up for my ignorance that day.....Thats why you learn something everyday, if you don't, you're doing something wrong.
             Next week at this time the documentary, "Where I got My Balls From" will  be available on Payloadz.com then on to iTunes just like the CD. The producers of the project(THE DONATERS) will get a link first then a few days later it will be available to everyone else for sale. It's been done but because the new CD went #1 and I thank you again, I didn't want to confuse anyone plus we did a few extra things to give you something special. It will be priced at 5.00 dollars, I'm not in business to hurt nobody. Thank you for all the support you've givin me on all my projects. Like Big Ben Rothwell said in Atlanta, you guys have made me a better comic and a better human being. I have a reason to get up early and get stoned and play music and write things about assholes and pussys that a five year old would write and the reason is you guys, why take things so seriously in the AM, lets giggle together.....Thank you again for reading!
  This week Friday and Saturday I'm at The Comedy Spot in Scottsdale 480 945 4422
 Thursday May 17th The Woodlands in Columbus 2 Shows
  Friday May 18th The Grog Shop Clevland
 Saturday May 19th Mullens in Pittsburgh
All tickets for the above shows are on brownpapertickets.com

Have a great week and remember to stay Black!