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Thursday, September 15, 2011


                       Whats happening beautiful people? Everything is great here. I'm getting ready to head up to Buffalo with my man Ari Shaffir and to be honest with you, I'm excited as hell. In the late 80's I would go to Buffalo twice a year to party and eat and go to a Bills game.. This was way before I got into comedy. One time I went up there to watch Rick James perform and it was fucking amazing. There were drugs and freaks everywhere, who would of thought it. I always thought Buffalo was this sleepy town five hours from the City but they got there own shit going on up there.
                        WeightWatchers does not excist in Buffalo. The food there is fucking faboulous, if you smoke dope and love to feed the munchies, this is the place. The first thing I'm going to eat is a Beef on Wick, then some Perogies from the Polish section, then some real wings not these skinny motherfuckers they have here. Buffalo Chicken wings have been on steroids from day one and I don't give a shit. The food is great and all but what makes Buffalo is the people.....there nuts! Just how I like them. I'm just going to go off, plain and simple.
                     The other part of this trip is in North Bergen New Jersey. I'm going to start shooting the documentary this Sunday, and its all because of you guys. What you guys did for me with the donations and the well wishes means more to me than any big movie role. I get to expose where I came from and what made and formed the crazy man that I am Today.
                     My mother was an off the chain motherfucker! My last name is Diaz because of my father but my true balls came from my mom who is a Valdez. She was a bar owner but her real business was the numbers business. A form of lottery thats based off the last 3 numbers of the amount that the track takes in for that day. Its a cash business and my mom believed that when ever she had a good day she would take her earnings and give half of it away because the good luck would spread, its a stupid superstition but I believe in it and thats what you guys did when you sent your donations and your love, it was an energy that I can't explain and its making me conscious of giving you guys something to be proud of, you helped put something together that had nothing to do with you and for that good things will come around to all of you for everything that you guys have done for me...Thank you from the bottom of my heart for beliving in me.
                 Have a great weekend and MadflavorsWorld will be back Monday plus we'll be putting up crazy footage as we go along so get ready to rock! Stay Black!


  1. Hey Joey,
    I'm 2 hrs from you (Warren, PA) for work but I can take a break if you want to meet up for dinner or something. Miss you crazy motherfucker.. 'It's BONAGRAM time!!'

    hit me up on FaceBook if you catch up!!
    (La Niña)

  2. thank you cock sucker... dont ever stop being you..we love you.

  3. Joey, you need to hit up Mighty Taco while in Buffalo. You need an el nino buritto hot with sour cream. will blow your fucking mind. While you are there get Loganberry to drink. Only around here man, WNY food is tops.

  4. Love reading these man, can't wait to see your doc when it comes out. Sincerely , ya homeboy Jay P from facebook (DC actually)

  5. Joey! You are a straight shooting motherfucker and the only man I will ever let call me a cocksucker...LOL Dude you rock! I saw you in the movie Bucky Larson and screamed Joey Karate so loud that I missed your line in it and got shushed by some dim whitted prick with highlights and sandles. I told him to get fucked and he shutup, but I have to say dude you are funniest man on the planet. Funnier that AIDS victims with misqueito nets. Stay yourself!!!!