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Tuesday, August 30, 2011


                             What's happening beautiful people? Thats it, the last weekend of the Summer is upon us. Before you know it we'll be out trick or treating and then soon after that you'll be at a table with your family eating a turkey, and you know the rest of the story. It's going by quick. It seemed that time was slower when we were kids and you were dying to get old now when you get older time flies and you want that clock to slow the fuck down.
                             I guess the most important thing for me now is to make everyday count. I need to do something to justify my existance.  For a long time I was stagnant as a Comedian, things happened for me but a lot of things didn't. At this time last year I was thinking about getting a day job and moving on with my life. I didn't know what to do, then I discovered you guys and that changed me. I was on Facebook and Twitter but I didn't really understand what it was about. I thought it was about a bunch of pale fucked up people who stayed in all day stuck to a computer screen waiting to lay judgement. What I found was a bunch crazy motherfuckers that were looking for an outlet to have a great time and thats where I came in.
                           I started to play music videos to sort out the animals and I found them. I twitted  and Facebooked fucked up texts that go through my stoned perverted mind on a daily basis and you guys took the ride. Then I took a gamble, I wanted to do a podcast where I could be me and open up about all the good and bad things that I did and the lessons that I took from them and you guys listened, learned and forgave, laughed and at times cried .
                       When I did Stand-Up Revolution with Gabriel Iglesias, they gave us gift baskets and one of those gifts was a Sony Bloggie. A cute little camera that fits in your pocket and believe it or not, makes pretty good videos. When it comes to technology I'm lost, period but I wanted to ride and out the energy on the thing. It was a gift and I wanted to do something special with it, so myself and my partner Lee started doing MadflavorWorld Videos an inside look at my day, and my life, no stand up just my day, and again you guys responded so I had an idea!
                       Why not go back to Jersey and take it to the next level? I can show you all the things I spoke about on the podcast and bring the situation to life. For example the location where we burned the hookers wig, my High School, the first home I burglarized, my mothers bar, the place where my step Dad shot Nico on 148th Street and Broadway, the same place where I would sell glue to sticky Charlie as a kid. I'll take you to Rapido Taxi in Union City, the place where the dirty Cuban cop got shot a thousand times and tell you the story about how Santeria came into play there. I'll take you to the house where I grew up,the same place where I found my mother dead on the floor . I'll show you the Jersey neighborhood I grew up in and the house where Mr.Softee lived from the Iceman Chronicles. I'm going to introduce you to the people that were there for me from Carmine "The Torch" Balzano to my main man Lubes, the same guy I went to the Pink Floyd concert with on acid......I'm am going to open my life to you guys!
                       What I need from you guys is this, its going to cost about five thousand dollars to shoot this. I'm going to put in most of the money from the Town Theatre show in Buffalo into the shoot but I'm still short. I need to get another Bloggie and some microphones and bring in another guy to shoot and to edit also the cost of travel and transportation and meals and what not. I know times are tough but I'm not looking for much. What I'll do in return is this, I'll put your name at the end of the video as a producer. Its not much but you'll be a part of something, but most importantly,  we'll be connected in some way or another and I'll thank you for the rest of my life.
                     A few dollars is it, if you can thats good, and if you can't I undersand. I'll love you the same. Thank you for taking the time to read this and I'm sorry if you get insulted by my proposition, but you guys brought me back so I figured I'd come to you guys first.. There is a Paypal account set up and there is a link on this page, just click and do your thing. Thank you again, and have a GREAT week! Much Love ALWAYS..........................Diaz!


  1. that sounds like a great idea! i got a few bucks..

  2. Joey! We love you!

    But do me a favor, and ask Joe what Bert Kreischer is doing for his documentary and how he is raising the funds for it. It is a website called kickstarter that is filled with cool people who like to give money to documentaries like yours! You can have Redban make you an intro video! If you need any help with the technical stuff just shoot me an email, I would love to help. Justin.highermind@gmail.com

  3. Good stuff Joey! Looking forward to it.

    I'm just glad there is a PayPal link for once. Kickstarter doesn't have it, and I can't even donate to Bert. It costs more for me to own a credit card than what I would spend with it.

  4. If I had a dollar to give brother, it'd all be yours.... I love the Podcast with Felicia. She's a great counter to your craziness, sort of like a Muzzle on a fuckin' T-Rex, you know what I'm sayin? Anyway my man, keep up the good work. I know there will be tons of support coming your way in the very near future and you deserve it all man..... and I can't thank you enough for providing all of your content for free on iTunes. It's the only thing that keeps me going to the gym every day. Wether it's B&B podcast, the Rogan Experience, Deathsquad, or the Lavender Hour, it doesn't really matter. I love what you guys are doing and it is helping me more than you know brother. Trust me...

    Big Love to Joey Karate from North of the Border bitches....

    Matt aka Bubba

    High as fuck......

  5. Joey! Awesome blog, loved it all. Hilarious! Get back on the Rogan podcast soon dude!
    Get a spare second in your day, have a read of mine..:

  6. Good Shit brother, let me see what I can do. Stay you!!

  7. WITHOUT A DOUBT I'M DONATING! Hell yea CoCo- LOVE that u straight come out and ask your people to help out with this! So sick...can't wait.... donation up Brothaaa!

  8. Done deal, DOG. Can't wait to see this doc. Give George another piece of banana bread while he cruises around with you.

  9. I suggest talking to Redban about setting up a kickstarter project.
    It is a REALLY great site for projects just like this. With your fanbase you would get the funding EASILY, for sure.

  10. I'm in Cocksucka!! £50 Scottish pounds, that's a few dollars big guy!!

    Make it happen!! And do me a favour tell Mr Rogan he needs to get guests from around the world from different countries on his podcast, makes for very interesting listening...


  11. Just donated what little I had in my paypal, I'll throw you some more bones when I can Joey.

  12. $100, no make with the fucking funnies.

  13. will, donate when I have dough in my paypal. This shit needs to be seen.

  14. From one friend to another @daviseshelman