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Monday, August 22, 2011


                   Whats happening beatuful people? I know, I don't write enough but its tough and I need something to write about that moves me. If it doesn't move me it won't do shit for you because I want you to feel me, so my apologies. Besides I'm giving you MadfavorWorld videos in its place. There a lot of fun to shoot. My friend Lee does all the work really but thats another story.
                   Last week I shot a pilot called, "All Rise". Its a courtroom comedy. The star of the show is Cedric The Entertainer, obviously he is the judge. In between takes him and I got to talking about how we had met. It was 1994 at a Black club called, "Club Mix" on East Colfax in Denver, Colorado. There was a comedy show there on Sunday nights that had great comics but also a few open mikers, one of them being me. There were only a few non blacks that could pull it off and for some reason I was one of them. I was just starting out. I didn't have any jokes I just went up there, danced and goofed around with the audience and believe it or not they liked it. One night Cedric came in to do a spot. After my set he came up to me looked me in the eye and told me I was crazy. It didn't mean good or bad, thats how I took it.
                A few weeks after that night I was contacted by some lady who told me she needed a tape of my set to enter me in some contest. I had no where else to tape so I contacted the management at "Club Mix" and asked if I could tape a set there, they said yes, no worries. That Sunday I went down there with my friend Kashina and she taped me. The next day I went to her home to watch the tape, it was fucking horrible. I wanted to cry. I was stuck so I sent the tape and prayed for the best, I never heard shit. Weeks later there was a shooting and someone died and that was the end of "Club Mix"
               I had forgotten all about that story. When Cedric and I spoke he reminded me. I asked him what he saw in me that made me crazy back then, his reply was that I didn't give a shit. Even though the material wasn't funny at all, I was commited to it at the time, and to be green and to have that commitment on stage meant that I had belief and I would end up somewhere. He never forgot. When I first bumped into him at the Comedt Store years later, he immediately gave me a hug even though he didn't have to and to boot, he put me in his sketch show along with Louis CK, thats at least 10 years ago and here we were again.
           The moral is I didn't see it but I believed. It was easy because at the time I was down and Comedy was all I had. If you know anything about me when I got into this, I gave up everything, even myself. I slept in cars, people couches, bus stations and what not. I ate more Subway veggie and cheeses sandwiches than anyone I had ever met. My goal was to be funny. I had no illusions about being famous or being a millionaire, I knew if I worked hard enough my goal would be accomplished but the goal I never looked at was the character it built and the things it taught me about myself, things I could never dream of. Today I'm happy, because of  me, because I stuck it out through all the bullshit in life and the bullshit I created, it wasn't easy.
        If your stuck in your life and there is something YOU want to do, commit! Thats the first step. Look at it and figure out what you have to do to make it possible and it WILL happen, take the chance Columbus did! Thank you for reading and have a great week!

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  1. Always positive, inspirational, and simply the shit CoCo. You bring smiles to the everyday, and so many are grateful to follow you and hear/read your words. Thank you Diazzzz! :) -Tye

  2. I'm glad this moved you, cus it sure as hell moved me Joey. Good shit! Staying black!