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Thursday, June 2, 2011


                        What's happening beautiful people? Sorry I haven't been paying attention to the blogs. Its tough to write these things but I promise I'm going back to Mondays again. I started this years ago on Myspace but as you know, those motherfuckers died.
                        Thank you for all the compliments on the JRE podcast. I love podcasting because unlike radio I don't have to sell a comedy show, I'm selling something better, my soul. I get to talk about all the dark shit in my life. Some stuff you keep to yourself because its too out there but everyonce in a while something happens to strengthen a belief and you have to tell somebody.
                        I've always believed in spirits. Not hob goblins and ghost but spirits. A spirit is what your soul becomes. I've always had a facination with them because I lost my Father at a young age and between you and I don't remember him at all, nothing. I was 3. Even after my Mother remarried she would always tell me stories about him and I always felt a certain warmth. A warmth like someone was there. I've always had a special type confidence because deep down inside I've always known he was close by, does it sound crazy.
                     As you may or may not know, I was an animal when I was in my 20's, thank God I got locked up for a while and saw the light. But there were things I did and got away with that proved to me I had an angel on my shoulder, trust me, I shouldn't be here. A lot of people say that but I get up every morning and thank somebody because I'm very lucky.
                      I have never seen a spirit but I feel they send us messages from time to time in weird ways. I know you've had one of these, let me explain. When I lived in Boulder I became friends with this cool cat from Mississippi named Joe Khatch. He worked at the restaurant I hung out at and we became tight. Soon after I met his wife and in time they had two beautiful girls, the youngest Emma and Julia. Emma was a baby but Julia was about 3. She was very cute and brash. She would always tell you what was on her mind even at that young age. They realized they wanted to start a Bagel business so they moved back to Tupalo.
                    I kept in touch with him over the years. We'd send each other cards and that sort of stuff and I watched the girls grow. About 2 years ago I get a call from Joe asking me for my address because Julia wanted to invite me to her High School graduation. I spoke to both of them then I hung up and went on my way. That Monday I get a call from a friend in Colorado who asked if I had heard the news. Julia went out that night after our conversation and got into a car accident and died. I was blown away! It was like a bad dream! I had just spoken to her on Saturday what are you talking about? She told me Joe couldn't call because he was heart broken. I just sat there and cried. It was horrible.
                  A few months later on was on location in Colorado shooting a movie. They called and by coincidence they were there skiing about an hour away. They showed up one night and we talked about what happened. I told them that I had never opened the card she sent. I put it on my drawer with her picture and every Monday I light a candle and say a prayer for her. I told them that and they couldn't believe it. The mother immediately started telling me about all the weird stuff thats happened since her death. Things that she couldn't explain. I feel that sometimes a soul just isn't ready to leave. You ever meet someone with a strong character and think to yourself, this motherfucker will never die.
                 This morning I get a call about 7am and its Joe. He's saying hello and what not then he tells me Mary has to talk to me. I could tell that when she got the phone,  she went outside. She told me that on second anniversary of Julia's death, that Julia sent her a sign. She told me that they've lived in the same home for 16 years and not once have they turned on the house alarm. They knew they had it but felt they didn't need it and had it disconnected. On the morning of the anniversary they went to work about 5am and at about 7am they get a call from Emma, the house alarm was going off. That couldn't be because the system had been shut off. They called the alarm and Mary met them at the house. They said that on the computer the system was disabled that no way could it be going off. Then they said that there was some master box and they had to find that. The company said it was in one of the closets, sure enough it was in Julia's old closet. The company couldn't figure out what happened. They disconnected the wires and left.
               Mary started crying because she said she knew it was Julia fucking with her. Years earlier Julia would always ask her what if theres a killer in the woods and he cuts the phone lines! How I'm I going to signal you. Mary felt that was her signal. When she told me, she started to cry and I started to cry because I understood. I felt that warmth again. Think about it, has anyone ever sent you a signal? A sign?
              Thank you for understanding where the hell I'm coming from. I may be stoned but my Jimmy runs deep. Thank you for reading and like I said I'll have one of these for you every Monday from now on. Thank you and remember to Stay Black!

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  1. Excellent post once again, I've never read such a insightful, honest blog before. Every single one has a message and lesson, keep going.

  2. amazing as always, thank you joey

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  4. its gotta be hard to say Stay Black! at the end of that one, good post COCO love the podcast!

  5. Nice post Joey! I felt the emotion in this one

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