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Thursday, May 26, 2011


                           What's happening beautiful people? It's been a while. I've been busy writing and getting my one man show up and running. All I was doing for about 3 months was writing, talking and more writing. I got stuck in a mode thinking about my life which at time is like looking in a mirror. Writing one of these things makes you look at yourself and see where you got that part from, and that part from, which in turn is very creepy. Enough with that.
                          I now have a new mind fuck. On June 17th and 18th  comedian Gabrial Iglesias is taping a new show for Comedy Central called "Comedy Revolution". Its a stand up show with Gabrial as the host bringing up certain comics and he chose me to participate. At first he called and said to do what I wanted. He said that if I was dirty they would just cut my segment and put me on the DVD. That is great. For the first time in a long time a Comic calls and says its OK for me to be crazy! WOW!
                          I thought about it. I could go in there and really rock the room.Everybody else will be clean, they won't be expecting it. But then I thought, why run down there and fuck one of them when I could walk down there and fuck them all!
                          I decided to put together a smoking show! I've done other TV shows before and I've always been dirty. I'm going to put together something so it will air on television, fuck the DVD. I want you all to be proud of me. I've never been on HBO or had a Comedy Central special and I know this is only 8 minutes in which they'll probably keep 4 minutes of but its my 4 minutes to let you know whats in my heart and thats all that matters.
                         I've also decided to document the 4 weeks prior to the set. From going to Yoga, to writing, to performing and just regular shit from my day including going to NOCC for my famous Banana Bread, that's part of the training. Before GSP fights, they always do a 24/7 or some shit. This little documentary will be mine. I'll start a page on You-Tube and keep you guys posted.
                         Another part of my training is comunicating with you cocksuckers via Facebook or Twitter. You guys are great. You know who you are and theres too many of you to mention. Thank you for fucking around with me. You guys keep me sharp and focus. Thats it!
                         Thank you for reading and have a great Memorial Day weekend! But most importantly, STAY BLACK!

Tonight Flappers Comedy Club...........
June 4th Winston's OB....San Diego
June 8th Brea Improv
June 25th PA    With Joe Rogan
July 1st Las Vegas


  1. You're a beast Joey. I'm proud of you for trying to keep your shit clean. I know you got it in you. Bitches won't know what hit'em. Just give the Comedy Central audience a little taste of the madflavor. After the exposure on cable your shit will blow up (like it doesn't already, am I right?). Have fun with it and your training. Eat an extra loaf of that banana bread for me. STAY BLACK!

  2. I have been going back through the life and writing as well. Some days I write and write and while it's all there, I forgot to write the funny. Just got caught up in the memory. It is good for the motherfucking soul. All the best!

  3. well i gotta say the world needs you right now with all the shit hittin the fan.you can put a smile on the face of even the most miserable old bastards out there.fuck what the doctor said about an apple a day.joey diaz on mainstream t.v.thats all the medicine anbody needs.show em who the fuckin boss is.